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Jamie Mayoh-Bauche

Innovative Educational Development & Instructional Design 

My WOrk

Doctor Office

Working with subject matter experts, I designed the course curriculum and created all of the online learning materials for this four month online course. This program provides LEADS in a Caring Environment Certification through the Canadian College of Health Leaders. 

"I am really enjoying this course and appreciate the high-quality materials".


This Youtube channel includes animated explainer videos I created that explore the philosophical bases of research. These resources for university students explain complex concepts quickly and clearly. Together they have over 100,000 views. 

"These videos are absolutely brilliant in both the scope of the topics covered and brevity that allows for easy watching and understanding."

Woman Tutoring Child

Educational Assistant Training Program

I completed a major revamp of the curriculum and materials of a face-to-face professional development program for K-12 Educational Assistants for Southeast Regional College. I also facilitated the pilot offering of the revamped program. 

This program was well-received by pilot participants and the revamp ensured that the program was more relevant, evidence-based, and culturally sensitive. 


I created a 15 hour online asynchronous training program for members of municipal boards that hear appeals related to property value assessments. This course explores legal and technical concepts alongside practical skills in interactive and engaging ways. 

"I enjoy the way Johnson Shoyoma Graduate School lays out its modules and I relish the opportunity to partake in more of these courses. Thank you for this "


Creative work


I write and record nature-inspired meditations for kids. These meditations help kids build mindfulness skills, strengthen their imagination, and learn more about animals, their habitats, and habits. 

My meditations are published on the very popular international meditation app - Insight Timer. Together, they have over forty thousand listens. A sample listener review is below:

"So amazing. My child fell asleep about 6 minutes in. She loves nature, so I love how you learn about barn owls while you listen. So soothing. Recommend this for any child. Made me relaxed also".

Creative Work
Creative Work
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If you have questions or work you would like me to do I would love to hear from you. You can contact me through this form or by emailing me at the address below.

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